" Only a life lived in the SERVICE to others is worth LIVING." 
          Albert Einstein

           Special Performers existence depends on volunteers generous giving of their time and talents. Available positions range from fundraising all the way to program center director. If  you want to have fun and get in shape while helping our students....become a dance buddy and stop, pop and drop your way to fitness. Any way you choose to contribute will make a difference in the lives of our special needs students, and your life too. If selected you will have the unique opportunity to serve another and enjoy the experience of truly giving yourself to a worthy cause. Locations for service are opening soon in an area near you, so no excuses, click on the link below for volunteer forms or e-mail your particulars and volunteer forms will be sent to you, or call (800)505-2448. Please do it now, we NEED YOUR HELP! Trust us, this is the most fun you will ever have volunteering.
* note for parents, high school students get the extra benefit of community service experience for college resumes.